Production - Fine wire

As a fully owned subsidiary of the French Ugitech SA, Sprint Metal’s core business revolves around processing materials smelted in France to produce fine wire.

At Sprint Metal we are working successfully and continually since many decades, to develop with and for our customers some new future-oriented concepts.

We are using a wet-drawing process at our facility in Reichshof to produce the redraw wire in accordance with the diameters and conditions requested by the customers. This process enables particularly a bright surface.

The different versions are available either in hard drawn or soft annealed condition. We are also able to draw after the annealing to obtain the requested tensile strengths.

And that for all diameters between 1.40 mm and 0.011 mm. We are quiet proud of our range of service, that allows us to offer from a single source a wide program of volume-oriented and pretentious technical applications.

For you, we are completing our offer with a big variety of presentations such as spools, packaging and in particular coatings. First through the reliable setting up of "complete solutions", that you may need, we will produce of a highest-quality fine wire with the highest requirements.

Production Manager

Mr. Michael Grammel

Tel. +49 (0) 2261 54 06 – 50